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Meet #11

Friday's meet was another great showing for the Sun Prairie jumpers.

The numbers may not be what you'd expect, but the jumps coaching staff and I were exceptionally excited/proud of what they did!

In girls long jump we went 1-2-5. All girls that competed are new to the event this year (not including middle school track and field), and are showing an incredible strength and resilience!

15'10" generally won't win an invitational like it did at this specific meet, but what was most impressive was that both Morgan and Naomi jumped these marks after they'd competed in other events and were somewhat "spent". BIG things are coming for these ladies, and I couldn't be more filled with anticipation than I am!

Emily is one of our team's best pole vaulters, and could be an exceptional long jumper in the next couple of years. She has only jumped in a few meets this year, but every time I see her compete I get pretty excited. Once she fully understands how to takeoff and perform a proper flight phase she'll gain quite a bit of distance!

In boys long jump we only had two competitors. Both have been hurt for most of the season so they've missed a large number of "reps". Their entries into the event on Friday night was simply to get their "jumping legs" back under them to prepare for the upcoming postseason. They weren't happy with their marks, but I was!

When an athlete returns from an injury don't expect personal bests. Don't expect some magical turnaround that results in jumping as though they never stopped. It takes time.

Dom took 4th and nearly jumped 20' while Jamel jumped nearly 18 and took 18th. Both are underclassmen and have an extremely bright future if they stay healthy!

In the girls triple jump we jumped very well!

All girls, once again, are underclassmen and have shown a great deal of growth in the event this year. Each of them have not yet reached their personal all-time bests, but each is showing a better knowledge of the event and are making some really nice gains. I'd bet that each of them set a new all-time best by season's end.

Landry (6th) is just getting back into the swing of things after a long absence due to a vacation over spring break. Once she learns how to set herself up better for and perform the step phase she is going to add roughly 3' to her jumps.

Aeryial is getting better at keeping speed through her jumps, but needs to learn how to land on her foot properly at the end of the hop phase. She is currently landing on her toes with doesn't set her up to perform her best possible step phase.

Sobia has missed some time due to personal reasons, but is a pure triple jumper that I feel could do some serious damage in the event. It will take time, so I am incredibly thankful that she is only a junior!

Lastly, the boy triple jumpers are starting to peak at the right time and I couldn't be more excited for their upcoming meets/seasons!

David (8th) has almost no experience in the jump. He is still trying to figure things out, but is jumping exceptionally well. He has jumped a few over 40' that were called scratches. If we can get better board awareness and overall technique to close the season he could have a pretty special finish. I look for him to do some great things to finish this season!

Caleb (12th) set a new lifetime best! He is starting to show a focus that I haven't seen out of him thus far this season and I am extremely excited. I look for him to get close to 40' to close out the season!

Logan (not pictured) jumped well, but needs to learn how to trust his hop phase. As well, he needs to learn how to properly set himself up for the step phase, to best utilize his long legs. If he figures these two things out, he could be a 40' jumper as well - only time will tell.


The kids are starting to show an energy and focus that has been missing to this point. ALL jumpers are starting to show up on a daily basis, and are giving their best to the events. This could be a very special ending with a large number of personal bests and momentum heading into next season. I am really looking forward to it!


Speed day so we'll be working on approaches. Approaches are the most important thing to work on at this point in the season. Generally, that is all I work on at this point other than personal tweaks tailored to individuals that have a specific need - more on that at a later date.

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