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Meet #5

The team had a meet this weekend ("WTFA" in Whitewater, WI). We decided to only jump girls due to some injuries on the guy's side, and boy did they perform well for this time of year!

Girls Long Jump:

We jumped a freshman (Morgan), a junior that is fairly new to jumping (Naomi), and a veteran that has been injured thus far (Ashley).

Morgan is an incredibly fast athlete and has a very bright future in both the short sprints and the long jump. Her speed is only going to get better, and is going to aid her greatly in the long jump this year (and beyond). She jumped a very good final jump and got a 15'2". Was very proud of her!

Naomi has competed before, but has only experienced scratches. She jumped two qualifying jumps at the meet which was AWESOME! She jumped a 15'7" and still has so much to learn. Very excited to see what she does towards the end of the season!

Ashley has been hurt all year, and tweaked her ankle the morning of the meet. She hasn't jumped since last May, and performed admirably with all that she had to face! She jumped a 15'4. She has the ability to go MUCH further, but I couldn't have been prouder with her jumps!

Having all three girls in the 15's, with all of them battling either injuries or inexperience was fantastic! We only hope to get better, so these performances put all three girls (hopefully) in the 16's and higher as the season continues. Really looking forward to their development as we continue our work together!

Girls Triple Jump:

We only jumped one girl - Landry.

I was somewhat unsure how things were going to go because Landry and I switched her jump foot on Friday due to something I noticed in a drill we did. This is a big deal. Switching feet can be extremely difficult, and can make jumpers very uncomfortable/indecisive in their jumps.

Not Landry!

She came down the runway confident and aggressive! She performed her best-ever hop phase, and jumped about a foot longer than her last meet!

What's really exciting is how small her step phase was. She nearly matched her all-time PR of 32' with a step phase of only 3-4 feet. Once she understands how to use her back leg (during the hop phase) properly to set herself up for the step phase she is going to FLY! I estimate she will be a 34'+ athlete this season and she is only a sophomore! Very excited to say the least!

All of this on a new jump foot - what a gamer!

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