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Practice 3/11/20

Today's practice was originally scheduled to be field-event-only practice with a presentation on proper health and nutrition to finalize our day together. Unfortunately, the presenter fell ill today and was unable to make it to practice.

Instead, we had an extended field event time, some sprint technique work, and a weight room session.

During the field event time I introduced my athletes to our new warm up routine. This year's routine is all about three phases of specified focuses to properly prepare for practice and meets. The first phase is all about raising one's body temperature and increasing heart rate. Getting "sweaty" during this phase is a big focus as to properly prepare the body to compete.

The introduction to this phase took quite awhile due to our larger numbers, but the kids did great! Most of the movements and overall control was quite impressive considering it was day one of performing the "jumpers warm up."

Once the kids were warmed up we transitioned to my new bounding progression. In the offseason I came to realize that I've been too fearful to push my athletes in the area of plyometrics/bounding. I have coached to avoi