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Speed Day - 4/6/20

Hey everyone!

For today's speed day I strongly suggest working on (speed) focuses that you chose to compete in last Friday.

If you chose to time yourself in a 30 meter sprint practice that!

If you chose to time your self in a 10 meter fly practice that!

My suggestions would be to begin attempting to lessen the time you take to rest in hopes that you can keep your highest intensity even when given smaller rest periods.

When this happens you will be able to run much further races/distances than the ones you are currently working at.

The desire to build speed does not need to done over the same distance you hope to compete in.

For instance, you do not need to run 100 meters to train for the 100 meter dash.

If you are able to do multiple 30 meter dashes at (or very close to) your best all-out performance with very little rest you will be able to run 100 meters with ease.

While we're away from the track, it's highly recommended to not focus on distances per say, but the recovery times present between sets of each sprint.

Make sure you are at/close-to your highest percentage or you will build improper technique, poor endurance, and slower fast-twitch muscle development.

If you can only run 2 - 30 meter sprints and your rest time is 4-5 minutes between that's totally fine!

The goal then, is to simply run a few more of those 30 meter sprints without feeling like you need to stop due to fatigue. Once that happens, you can either decide to continue adding reps, or reduce your rest time to see how well you can acclimate to lower rest with still being at your best.

Times, distances, overall volume can be trick - just remember that SPEED is the key. Don't run winded as it will only result in poor performances.

A visual I often use is one a coach named Gary Winckler created revolving around the "Energy Systems."

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find that file right now, so I found this instead:

It gives great guidelines on how to sprint train properly in terms of time running, intensity, and recovery.

This document though does not give specifics to overall number of meters per session, and what "complete rest" means.

I will look for my copy and hopefully forward that one by Wednesday.

I hope everyone is being safe and is in good health.

As always, reach out with any questions!

Coach Ewing

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