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Speed Work - 4/8/2020

Hey everyone!

Today is another speed day.

I've given numerous ways in which to train speed while at home in previous posts, so if you're new to the blog please look back to find those.

Today's plan for our sprinters/jumpers is to have them run 10 - 10 meter sprints from a 4-point stance. The kicker here is that the rest time is only 1 minute!

The other day I discussed lowering rest times in an attempt to build up the overall load of a sprint workout while also making sure to keep the intensity as high as possible.

When things begin to slow down, you stop training for that day.

All of the plans that we've given our athletes in the past have led up to this point of less rest, higher reps, and a great deal of intensity.

Along with that focus, we asked our athletes to work on wall starts/marches which are extremely important for proper start mechanics/routines.

From the jumping perspective athletes were asked to do the walking long and/or triple jumps drills to simply continue to build rhythm even when away from the track.

Lastly, they were asked to perform the chair landing drill to ensure as much exposure as possible as the landing is the most difficult aspect of the jumps.

Without being at the pits, without getting run throughs, without performing actual jumps, the walking jump and the chair landing are incredibly important during this time!!!

If you are an everyday reader you may notice that there are some "focuses" that I attempt to find "fresh" new drills/movements for, but have not yet done that for the two drills discussed above.

There is a reason for that.

Quite honestly, I think there is no better way to train a jumper how to build rhythm and consistency without a pit.

The walking jump drills helps athletes to make connections and builds "muscle memory." It also helps with body control, posture, balance, and general routines while jumping.

The chair landing literally puts you in a positing you'll experience as a jumper if you perform the flight phase correctly and helps with timing and general control.

During this incredibly difficult time it's incredibly easy to move away from the basics and look for ways to enhance workouts. It's completely understandable! BUT, we must all do our best to fight the monotony of training by ourselves and the repetitive drills given that may seem pointless.

I know the chances of a track season get dimmer by the day, but we HAVE to continue our work. We mustn't allow this situation to defeat us...


X-Factor day! Love plyo work!!!

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