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Sprint/Speed Day - 3/30/20

Hey everyone!

Today is a speed day for the Sun Prairie athletes.

Just before I created a video explaining the focuses of today's workout to my jumpers, I decided to do a bit more research on ideas that could change things up a bit.

I discussed the importance of continuing with training, but once again gave them more options so that things didn't get too boring and stagnant.

Here are a few links I sent them:

1.) - this is much like the wall marches we already do, but I thought it would be nice today to add these as to replicate a start (just prior to working on sprinting).

2.) - one of our favorite drills is the wicket drill. It uses banana hurdles to teach athletes how to properly get their knees and toes up while sprinting. Many times though, athletes don't have a set of hurdles so they are tasked with thinking of new ways to run the drill and still experience the same results. Using a chair may not help things move as quickly, but definitely helps with getting knees/toes up, and helps with the "bounciness" of proper running.

3.) - this is a video for resisted running using a large resistance band. I told my athletes that I could leave some outside of my home (for 48+ hours for them) if needed to simply offer as much assistance as possible.

4.) - this is a picture of resistance "loops." I also suggested that my jumpers use these to work on their hips/leg strength as a way to build more powerful sprinting abilities. It's a drill I can't find any video for so here is my best description:

Put the bands around your feet (under the arches and over the top - where shoe laces would be). Then, sprint. As one leg comes up to sprint, the other foot (holding a band to the floor) will resist it - and vice versa.

Hopefully that makes sense - let me know if you'd like me to make a video.


I want my athletes to feel energized with new ideas and feel as though I am updating them often. If they feel things are getting redundant or feel "out of the loop" with me I fear they will lose a great deal of motivation.

The plans thus far have been great - and I plan on going back to more traditional training soon - but changes are needed during this time!

Tomorrow is another X-Factor day. I'm thinking of looking into other routines as they may be getting sick of mine by now. If anyone has any suggestions for one I'd love to hear it.

Otherwise, I'll have a new one listed here tomorrow for all to see.

Have a great rest of your day!

Coach Ewing

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