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Today & Tomorrow - Recovery Days

Hey everyone,

I made some suggestions that my jumps team replace/add some items to our already-posted recovery day routines.

Here's what I sent them:

"Jumpers, today and tomorrow are recovery days. At this point, I'd like to make a suggestion to your recovery habits - yoga and meditation (seriously).

I recently downloaded a meditation app called "Let's Meditate." It allows you to download meditations sessions directly to your phone. So far, the ones I've downloaded seem to be very well done. Although many of you may feel this is pointless I can promise you otherwise. If you need more direction on "how" to meditate I suggest using YouTube. Here is a video I personally feel does a good job at explaining the process of proper meditation -

As far as yoga, I highly recommend the websites and Do yoga with me is offering 2 free months due to COVID-19 and yoga with Adriene has some great beginner (free) videos. She also has a YouTube channel that has over 6 million subscribers and seems to be very helpful!

Please take a look into these as a change in your routine may really help during this time."

Many young athletes may not see a benefit in doing things like yoga and/or meditation, but the benefits are greatly documented for not only mental health but also general flexibility needs in the jumps.

On top of that, a change in routine and general recovery right now is being done to keep interest, to challenge the mind and body in a new way, and to help athletes feel in control of their efforts.

Up until this point, athletes have been doing the same routines, movements, drills, etc. This change helps to avoid feelings of boredom and stale-focuses.

This is something I'll be looking to do more in the next week so check back often to read about those changes.

If anyone would like to offer their suggestions for additional training focuses moving forward I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend everyone!

- Coach Ewing

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Kimberly Matthews
Kimberly Matthews
Apr 12, 2020

Yoga has helped my distance runners with breathing control and avoiding the “panic” breathing. I started yoga with the junior high XC runners and it’s helped with self awareness.

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