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Virtual Coaching Day 1

Today begins the process of learning how to virtually coach our kids as we await word on what will happen with the season.

Today's focus in speed.

The athletes were given plans that focus on the following:

1.) Boom Booms - this is a drill that simply works on sprint mechanics and overall rhythm. It is a great drill that requires no materials. Perfect for virtual coaching!

2.) Wickets - this is the best-of-the-best when it comes to sprint mechanics. It requires banana hurdles though, so that may be a bit more difficult. The message wills imply be to find items roughly 3-6" in height and run over those (since hurdles will be a scarcity during this time).

3.) Flying 20's - a drill that can be done in backyards, sidewalks, and/or parks. Those places may not be the most ideal, but are locations that provide some assistance for a drill like this - making it "doable."

4.) Walking long and/or triple jumps - are drills that help with the overall rhythm of the two jumps, proper arm movements, and proper posture. This may be the most beneficial drill in my entire inventory during this time. I once coached an athlete that got injured and couldn't practice the triple jump during her recovery time. I knew that she was having difficulty with keeping her arms close to her body, and the overall rhythm of her (prior) jumps was a bit "off." So, during her recovery, all she did was walking triple jumps. Long story short - she went to state that season. Here's a video:

5.) The chair landing drill - is one of the most significant drills in helping athletes better-perform the landing phase in the long and triple jumps. The greatest part is that it can be done anywhere! Here's a video:

6,) Train Heroic app - this is an application we use here in Sun Prairie to physically train our athletes. It is something we pay for, so I am (unfortunately) unable to share any information with you at this time...

I do have some suggestions for this time though:

- Don't attempt to attend local gyms in an effort to get a workout in. Be creative at home. Grab items that have some weight to them and perform lifts, movements, etc. that will be beneficial. Things like gallon jugs, small sandbags, a heavy backpack, etc. could be very useful during this time!

- Look for different kinds of workouts in the app stores. Things like Tabata workouts, body weight workouts, push up challenges, etc. are highly suggested during this time! Reach out if you have any specific questions or recommendations I could add to my next post!

- If you don't have weights you're OK! Just stay active. Don't sit around binge-watching Netflix or some other streaming platform. If you do, you'll regret it. Find ways to do movements and/or activities that will help you to build strength and endurance during your time away.


Our day as a whole is basically the entirety of the long and triple jumps. It begins with speed work (which replicates the approach), it transitions to the walking long and triple jumps (the takeoff and flight phases in both jumps), and ends with the chair landing drill (the landing). All of that coupled with a conditioning session makes for a really productive day!

Make day 1 worth it everyone. Don't make any excuses simply because you're upset about our current situation. It is something none of us wished for, but must understand how to persevere through nonetheless. We've got this! We can find a way through this unfortunate event and come out stronger. Believe with all of your being that positive results are attainable and positive results will be achieved.

Please reach out with any questions, thoughts, concerns, etc. during this time - my door is always open!

Coach Ewing

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