Week of April 20th

Hey everyone!

Since my last post the possibility of a track and field season has become even smaller with the extended "stay at home" order here in Wisconsin.

For all of you looking at that as a "death sentence" I implore you not to.

I am part of WISTCA (the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association) and have been part of a great email chain this past weekend in regards to the possibility of a modified season.

Coaches in our state are driven more than ever to find a way to ensure our athletes (especially seniors) get the opportunity to compete. Whether it's in June or July, coaches are doing everything they can to make this a reality.

The major force deciding what to do (the WIAA) is meeting this week to discuss options moving forward.

With how commendable they have been in not reacting and making rash decisions I have nothing but faith that they will support a modified season if it is safe to do so.

This isn't to say that it will for sure happen mind you; but I completely trust the WIAA and the medical community to make the proper decisions as far as a summertime competitive "season".

Once I hear what decisions are made I will write another blog with plans for moving forward properly.

I simply don't want coaches/athletes giving up because of the May 26th deadline revealed last week; and then be given the opportunity to compete and not be ready to do so.

As far as training, here are my suggestions:

1.) Look over last week's posted schedule.

2.) This week, shave 15-30 seconds off the prescribed rest time and see how well you're able to run with shorter rest.

3.) Up your plyometric distances to up the overall volume.

4.) Start mentally preparing yourself for 2 different possible realities (seriously). Begin working mentally on what you'll do if the season is officially canceled; and what you'll do if offered a modified season. Start truly thinking of how you will react now so you can game-plan accordingly for any situation.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to simply talk track please don't hesitate to reach out!

Coach Ewing


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