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X-Factor 4/2/2020

Hey everyone!

Today is another X-Factor day.

I mentioned yesterday that I would go over a new routine with you to liven things up a bit.

I found it on Twitter. The account is kyle_edwards32.\

From what I can see he is a defensive backs coach for football and a sprint coach for track.

If you look over his routine here's what you'll see:

1.) Bunny Hops

2.) Side Hops (Both Sides)

3.) Sing Leg Bunny Hops (Both Legs)

4.) 5 Broad Jumps in a Row

5.) 5 Point Lunge

6.) Elevated Dips

7.) Elevated Push Ups

8.) Ski Jumps

What's great is this isn't his only routine!

If you scroll down a little ways on his feed you'll notice another routine. This is what he shows:

1.) Boom Boom Series (In Place, Wall Marches, and In Place Holds)

2.) Split Jumps

3.) Single Leg Squats (Both Legs)

4.) Single Leg Bridges (Both Legs)

5.) Lunge to Knee Drive

The visuals are great if you don't fully understand what each movement means/is. He also gives vocal directions while the video is playing so that is super helpful as well.

This is a resource I HIGHLY recommend everyone following. He has done some great things for the sprint/track community during this time - and it's all for free!

As always, if you have any questions please reach out anytime!

Coach Ewing

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