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X-Factor/Plyometrics Day - 4/7/2020

Hey everyone!

Today is another X-Factor day.

I posted last week about a coach that has been posting great X-Factor workouts on Twitter and strongly suggested using his videos as a way to freshen up your routines a bit.

As well, a few weeks back I discussed the importance of jumping rope during this time.

It is a GREAT lower level plyometric that does so much for jumpers and is widely underestimated for it's results.

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across a post by @schlesstrength. He is/was (unsure which) the head strength and conditioning coach for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA.

His post was of him jumping open and discussing the benefits of low-level plyos and how jumping rope works on timing rhythm, and coordination.

I highly recommend looking his channel up and watching the video.

This is EXACTLY what I want my athletes to do on a daily basis and I think the visual might just be the motivation needed to add this to their daily training.

Another one I saw a few weeks back that emulated this was on Twitter. @tibartoletta showed off a great routine with a great deal more movement that looked very specific to jumps and sprinting.

Again, I highly recommend watching it for a great rope jumping routine.

In all reality, jumping rope (in my opinion) should be the FIRST plyometric routine done with bounding and skipping as compliments.

Tomorrow is another speed day - so check back then to see what my team will be working on.

Have a great day!

Coach Ewing

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