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Meet #8 - Frosh/Soph Meet @ Waunakee

This meet was EXTREMELY fun! Freshmen and sophomores can often be left out of the spotlight and this meet gives them the chance to show what their "made of". The jumpers did very well for themselves as well, and I couldn't have been prouder!

The boys triple jumpers started it all off with 3 of the 4 jumpers PR'd! One of the jumpers (pictured to the left) added nearly 3 feet to his prior season PR! I was extremely impressed with how well they competed!

The boys long jumpers only had one PR but the jumpers all did very well! The kids all jumped just under their current PR's and showed that they can jump with anyone's 9th and 10th graders. I think a few of them were upset with not setting new PR's, but to see their consistency was what I was most happy with. To be upset with not setting a new PR is good as long as it doesn't become an obsession and deteriorate their focus emotional balance. These kids are competitors!

The girl triple jumpers had an extremely successful night! 2 of the 4 jumpers set new PR's with one of them setting a new one by nearly 1.5 feet. The jumper with the big PR barely scratched a 29'+ jump that would have been a PR by nearly 4 feet - in her second time ever jumping! Another jumper, Landry, jumped for the first time ever and jumped a solid 28'2". The great thing about her jump was that each started extremely far behind the board, and didn't have a proper landing. She should be going 31+ feet in no time and she's only a freshman!

The girl long jumpers had one PR and competed very well. Some of them seemed a little out of sorts due to the large number of events they needed to do, but showed their overall potential. I was very proud of each of them!


We are traveling to Neenah, WI for the first time tomorrow. Time is winding down so we are excited to see our kids compete in a big meet once again!

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