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Meet # 10 - "Wild Card" Meet at Home

Introducing Your NEW Record Holder!!!

Tonight was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! The kids were nothing less than amazing tonight amassing 33 TOTAL PRs - WOW!

I must start with the highlight of the night - Jada Schuh set a new school record by jumping 17'10" in the long jump. She has done so much for our program, and this was well deserved! Her jumps tonight have a few "fun facts" behind them that I'd like to share:

1.) She's normally a triple jumper! She's long jumped in the past, and I've always believed she could be a great long jumper, but she's always specialized in the triple jump.

2.) As long as I've known her Jada has tripled off her right foot and longed off her left foot. This year, during her first (and only) long jump competition I noticed that she was coming off of her left foot awkwardly; and because of this I instructed her to jump off her right foot in the long jump the next time she got a chance (which was tonight). She set the a new school record on a foot SHE'S NEVER JUMP OFF OF IN LONG JUMP!

Breaking a school record was definitely a HUGE accomplishment tonight, but Jada had a great deal of company with all the other personal bests that happened. Owen Konapacki set a new freshmen record by jumping an 18'8" in the long jump.

In the girls long jump there were a total of 15 new personal bests set with many of them going 1-2 feet longer than their previous PRs. Ashley O'Connell jumped a 17'7" and is working her way closer and closer to an 18' jump. This is the first time in my coaching history that we've had two 17 footers in girls long jump - EXTREMELY EXCITED! In the girls triple jump Landry Nelson added 4+ feet to her previous personal best, and EVERY GIRL that jumped set a new PR! WOW!

Arrie Davis Jumping Like A Man Possessed!

In the boys long jump there were 9 PRs with one of them being Arrie Davis. Arrie hasn't jumped much this year, but turned a great deal of heads when he jumped 21'5" tonight!!! In the triple jump we had 4 more PRs. Logan Adkins, a sophomore, has made HUGE gains in the past week. His PR before the season started was 35'7" and before last week his season PR was 34'. Tonight he barely scratched a 40' jump! He is absolutely KILLING IT right now! He wasn't alone - the boys tripled VERY WELL tonight! I honestly couldn't be more impressed!

Our kids are peaking at the right time, and things could honestly get quite interesting heading into the postseason. So many kids are putting their names "in the mix" with big jumps. We are so deep and talented, that our lineups/athletes should experience some amazing things as the season comes to a close!

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