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WIAA State Meet - Day 1

Day 1 of the State Meet (for Division 1) is in the books and I couldn't be happier/prouder of the accomplishments my two jumpers achieved today!

Kasy Walker-Daniels (center) competed in the triple jump and did extremely well. Coming in she was seeded 22 out of 24 total jumpers at a distance of 35'3.5". She ended her day at 36'1.75" and finished TWELFTH (12th)! I would have absolutely loved to have her make finals, but to set a new PR by 7 inches on the biggest possible stage was absolutely phenomenal. This young lady really turned a corner this season, and impressed me with her new-found dedication and determination every step of the way. To end her day in the top half of the state qualifiers was EARNED.



AWESOME today!

He jumped 22'6.5" and took 5th today (right end of podium). We had BIG aspirations to be at the top of the podium today when competition was completed, but I'm honestly so proud of where he finished and how we competed today. The pit was run (somewhat) poorly today and he ended up having a great deal of wait time in the sun/heat. He stayed calm and composed and competed like a seasoned veteran that was bound and determined to do something special - which he accomplished! To see him on that runway, in that pit, and on that podium today was absolutely amazing. He has given so much to this program, and I cannot begin to even thank him for his hard work and dedication...

Both these jumpers today did exactly what we set out to do - embrace the craziness that is the state meet and jump big. I am so proud of them! There couldn't have been a better start to our time here at state, but the work is a long way from done!


Tomorrow Jada Schuh (long jump) and Tyler Precia (triple jump) get their opportunities. EXCITED as can be to see what these two can do to close things out! I'm confident in saying both could easily finish their high school careers with BIG performances. Stay tuned!

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