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WIAA State Meet - Day 2

Day 2 was another great day at the jumps pits!

Jada Schuh started things off with the long jump. She didn't jump the numbers she was hoping for, but I was extremely proud of her performance after competing as hard as she did yesterday (Friday). Even though she didn't jump the numbers she is capable of, I was nonetheless very excited to have the opportunity to coach her today! One focus that really stood out to me was her landings in the pit. We worked on her landings all week as she was having difficulty bringing both hands down at the same time (as seen in the picture). This has led to some very awkward landings lately. Today were some of her best landings of the year! I was extremely proud of her resolve and determination to fix this!

Jada is a senior and is leaving the program in historic fashion. I have been so extremely impressed with this young lady and look forward to following her collegiate career at UW-Milwaukee in the coming years. Coaching kids like her make my job so enjoyable. She will be greatly missed, but never forgotten!

Next up was Tyler Precia in the triple jump. Tyler came in seeded around the middle of the pack, and jumped in the 2nd flight of the day. He was extremely focused all day, and was determined to finalize his season on the best possible note.

He set a new PR by jumping a 44'6.5" and taking 7th!

Tyler was competing in a lower division the past three years and never made it to state as a triple jumper. For him to do what he did today was honestly quite the accomplishment! I couldn't be prouder of Tyler and all he has done this year!

Both these athletes competed their hearts out today! They were amazing and capped off their high school careers with a "bang". It has been my pleasure working with them!


Watch for the 2018 accomplishments post - IT'S EXTENSIVE! Looking forward to showing everyone reading these posts what we did in year 1 of this website. I hope all of your seasons ended the way you hoped. Now, it's time to start looking forward to 2019. Stay tuned for even more resources/content in the near future!

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