Pre Meet/Game Playlist

Hosting a big track meet/game? I´ve got the perfect playlist to get athletes and spectators pumped!

1.) I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas.

This is a great song to get things started off on the right foot!

2.) Best Day of My Life - American Authors

Give the athletes a good reason to get ready to experience greatness.

3.) Levels - Avicii

Purely for the beat - I love this song!

4.) Remember The Name - Fort Minor

The lyrics ¨This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name¨ could be the best sports motivational lyrics of all time!

5.) ´Till I Collapse - Eminem

This is a great song about giving it your all!

6.) Hall Of Fame - The Script

Another great motivational song to get the athletes prepared to compete!

7.) Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Great song with an beat that gets athletes motivated.

8.) Champion - Fall Out Boy

Who doesn´t want to be a champion?

9.) Go Big or Go Home - American Authors

The title says it all - get your athletes ready to GO BIG.

10.) Burn It Down - Linkin Park

Can´t have a motivational playlist without some Linkin Park!

11.) Thunder - Imagine Dragons

Get your team to bring the thunder on the competitors!

12.) Feel This Moment - Pitbull

Great song for keeping athletes in the moment (plus it´s got a great beat!).

13.) Can´t Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

¨Tonight´s the night we´ll fight ´till it´s over¨ - GREAT lyrics!

14.) Stronger - Kanye West

¨That, that don´t kill me only makes me stronger.¨ Perfect for pre-game!

15.) Centuries - Fall Out Boy

¨You will remember me, remember me for centuries!¨ Who doesn´t want to be remembered for a performance in a sporting event? This is a great pump up song!

16.) Remember The Name - Fort Minor

Love the message of this song so much I had to put it in here twice.

17.) The Greatest Show - The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

The Greatest Showman was an amazing flick! The song was used to both open and close the movie and has a GREAT beat. Plus, I feel sports (especially track) are the ¨greatest show.¨ LOVE THIS SONG!

Make sure that all music is clean when downloaded as there are versions of songs mentioned above that have inappropriate lyrics.

Hopefully your athletes enjoy the playlist!

© 2017 Long and Triple

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