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Post Meet/Game Playlist

You´ve just hosted a successful track and field meet - now what? Here´s the perfect post meet playlist to send all competitors on their way and to celebrate the winner.

1.) The Greatest - Sia

A simple way to celebrate the greatest accomplishments of the night!

2.) Watch Me Rise - Mikky Ekko

The first few lines almost seem like the perfect description of a Friday night track and field meet in March (in Wisconsin):

"When it's cold out

When the night is still and you're standin' alone

I'll be racin' when the lights go out"

3.) Stole the Show - Kygo

Stealing the show is everyone's dream when competing in sports - leave your mark!

4.) Heroes - Alesso

Sporting events area defined by the heroes that played/participated. This is a nice little way to let those heroes be remembered.

5.) Applause - Lada Gaga

Not only do the winners deserve an applause, but all competitors should leave knowing they too are applause worthy.

6.) On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons

For all of the athletes out there that posted personal bests or won this is a great way to send them off!

7.) Congratulations - Post Malone

The title says it all! Congratulations winners and all competitors!

8.) Best Night - Justice Crew

The best nights are when athletes and spectators get to be part of a competition. Seasons are long, and the "best nights" are defined by the many games/meets that the athletes get to chase personal bests and records!

9.) Go Big or Go Home - American Authors

If athletes don't go big, and don't need to wait around for medals/ribbons/trophies it's time for them to go home. Plain and simple. Plus, I like the beat!

10.) Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne

Gotta have a classic somewhere on the list! Plus, the message name fits perfectly with the completion of a sporting event!

Again, make sure all songs downloaded are "clean" and can be played for you target audience.

There aren't many playlists out there that can truly be played for the masses and motivational at the same time. Today's music is riddled with great beats, but poor lyrics. I hope this is playlist helps in some way to prepare for any upcoming meets/games you might host!

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