Day 26 - Long and Triple Season Plans

Today's practice was all about preparation for tomorrow's home meet (that I hope happens).

I started the practice by working on the pit area while the athletes worked with the sprint coaches. I weeded and leveled the pit, I blew the water out of our board boxes, I brushed off the runway, and I removed any unneeded materials like rocks and trash. I am a BIG believer in being overly prepared for home meets. There is nothing that angers me more than going to another track and finding that they are improperly staffed and/or prepared for our arrival. I will NEVER allow us to be seen in a poor light in that manner!

After I was done working on the pit/runways I worked with the kids on the routines a jumper on my team needs to be accustomed to. We started with a discussion on bringing the appropriate clothing. I told my athletes to bring more clothes than they knew what to do with, and to be overly prepared for cold/poor weather. I suggested a minimum of 3 layers to ensure each athlete can stay warm on our breezy/cold track.

When done discussing clothing we moved on to the warm up routine (which can be found on the website). I had them go through the routine and discussed how to properly time the warm up and cool down to prepare for events the correct way. As well, I discussed how to stay loose/warm after properly warming up and had them practice this to make sure they understood the expectations. I've told athletes they need to keep a small sweat at ALL times before competing, and got them to that point to show them what it felt like.

Once done with the warm up routine I answered questions about order of events, the jump boards, etc. to make sure the athletes were comfortable with competing tomorrow.

There were a few athletes that still didn't have marks today so I spent the last 15 minutes finalizing approach numbers with them.


Our first outdoor meet of the season (hopefully). If for some reason that meet gets cancelled I'm hoping to replicate a meet by having each athlete do full approaches/jumps. If unable to do that, I'm hoping we can use the pool tomorrow and go through an intense plyometric program.

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