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Day 1 - Long and Triple Season Plans

Today was solely about getting our athletes prepared for the upcoming season (all 220+). We spent the first part of practice going over team expectations, assigning lockers, etc. Once that was done we continued discussions related to our team expectations, communication, behavior, cell phone use, etc.

During this time I was given time to discuss the triple jump with the entire group. I informed them that I hold triple jump practice roughly 25 minutes before the entire team's practice begins. I do this due to the large number of long jumpers I have each year - roughly 60-80. The massive number of jumpers makes it extremely difficult to coach the two jumps at once, so I split them up to make sure athletes are getting what they need/deserve.

I asked anyone even remotely interested in jumps to come to my first triple jump practice tomorrow to try it out. If they don't like it tomorrow, they are more than welcome to discontinue practicing it. The triple jump isn't practiced here until high school, so many younger athletes have no idea what "triple jump" really is.

Once we finished going over the various talking points we took the short sprint athletes downstairs to our field house to practice our in-depth warm up. The routine we have is honestly amazing! It starts with hurdle mobility and transitions into numerous different movements that work on explosiveness, flexibility, strength, and speed. It's a GREAT routine!

Once done introducing the new athletes to our warm up, we split them into two groups. Girls went with our pole vault coach, and the boys went with me and a coach I work with (Coach Cross) to discuss long and triple jumps specifically.

During this time we discussed proper communication, our expectations for attendance, and how we work progressively in all drills. The athletes were given time to ask questions and then switched after roughly 15 minutes with the other (gender) group.

To finish our day together (as one large team) we met in the "wrestling room" where we started practice and did a cool down. Once the cool down was completed coaches stuck around to answer any more questions athletes might have in regards to the various events they might be interested in.

Today wasn't about getting into the jumps right away. Today was simply about acclimating the athletes to the new season and getting them prepared to understand/follow our expectations and rules.


We are going to begin our triple jump work, and will be beginning our discussion/practice on the "crouch start". Check back to learn more!

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