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Day 27 - Long and Triple Season Plans

Today we originally had a meet planned but it was cancelled. The cancellation occurred due to a rule created by our conference's athletic directors about weather and temperature as predicated by I'm not in full agreement with the rule, but understand (kind of) why it was made. The only problem I have with it is the fact that other sports (football for example) don't cancel games due to poor weather. Why should track?

Anyway, the meet was canceled but was rescheduled for Thursday. We felt as though the weather was good enough to hold an intersquad meet so we had athletes run timed 100's and 200's and compete in 1-2 field events. I'll be writing a meet update Thursday when the official meet finally happens, but will also be giving some insights about tonight's "meet".

Overall the jumpers looked very good tonight! They used yesterday's information/practice to warm up properly and to stay loose while waiting to jump. I was pretty happy with their focus and competition-intelligence. The boys had some surprises at triple jump, and were pretty consistent at the long jump. A sophomore, Evan Holman (who injured himself triple jumping last year and is picture above) was one of the biggest highlights with jumping 37' with little experience/speed. Evan could very well be over 40' this year as a sophomore and let's just say I'm a little excited about it!

On the girls side there were a few big jumps, but Raquel Evans (a senior) was a big surprise. She first started jumping last season and was incredibly inconsistent. A year later, and a strong offseason, Raquel looks like a completely different jumper! She jumped well over 15' tonight but had poor landings and could very well be a 17' jumper with some practice on her flight and landing phases. I am excited to see what she can do moving forward!

I only got pictures of the boy jumpers tonight because I was raking and measuring the entire time, but please know that the girls deserve to be pictured here just as much. Both boys and girls worked hard today and competed very well in cold conditions. I was extremely proud of them, and am excited that athletes were given the ability to "compete" tonight! There is nothing worse than having meets cancelled and this softened the blow a little bit.


We are going to have a recovery day tomorrow to make sure everyone is prepared for our rescheduled meet on Thursday. I'm going to do video breakdowns with kids and RPR to help ease any pains.

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